May 18th and 19th, 2019
Annual Spring Concert



Annual Winter 2019 Concert

7:00pm at  First Lutheran Church in Yuba City, CA



Annual Winter 2019 Concert

4:00pm at Faith Lutheran Church in Marysville, CA

Praise for Beethoven's Ninth
(Performed Fall 2015) 
"Between movements, the singers marched in, filed back behind the orchestra and took their seats. Then the four soloists came in - soprano Kathryn Donovan Campbell, mezzo-soprano Karen Trefzger, tenor Aaron Scheidel and baritone Donn Bradley - and took their seats in front of the orchestra. They sat there, while the symphony performed, waiting for their parts to come up, calmly looking over the audience, nonchalant... and then they were on their feet singing, and it was astounding.
It was one of the best things I've seen and heard since moving to Yuba City a few years ago: a performance by local musicians of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. It was a partnership of the Yuba Sutter Symphony and Yuba Sutter Master Chorale, with members of the Yuba Sutter Oratorio Society and Veridian Symphony Orchestra. St Andrew Presbyterian Church was packed with listeners for both Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening performances.
And the audience? Rich, poor, very young and old, workers, professionals, all kinds of people all mixed up together... the best kind of audience for something so good.
I try to go to a lot of local events, but I hadn't made it to a performance of the symphony or chorale, as of yet. Boy, I picked a good one to start with.
It wasn't just a good local effort. It was really good. The conductor, Corey Kersting, between waves of app;ause, encourages everyone to boast of the success of the performance the next time someone suggests that Yuba City isn't a great place to live."
Steve Miller, Editor for the Appeal Democrat

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